Boris Kievsky

Boris Kievsky

VP, Communications

Boris first wanted to change the world through technology when he taught himself computer programming at the age of 10. He started his first computer consultancy, “MHz,” at age 16, and pursued computer science through his first two years of college. Desiring a more direct and personal impact, he switched his focus to entertainment, where he discovered the power of storytelling to change lives.

Upon graduating with a BFA and subsequent Post Grad degrees in Theatre, he returned to New York, where he created multiple theatre productions before heading to Los Angeles to pursue film and television. There, Boris began writing and directing films.

Realizing the power of story and its potential when used effectively through technology, Boris combined his passions for tech, storytelling and making a positive difference in the world. He now works with non-profit organizations and small businesses, helping them increase their impact locally and globally through digital tools including websites, social media, email, digital marketing and crowdfunding. In order to help more nonprofits trying to do good despite being understaffed and underfunded, Boris recently launched to teach—through courses, articles and tools—how the effective use of technology can help achieve and expand their missions, without over-stretching their resources.

Boris is a featured speaker at non-profit conferences and business networks, where he holds workshops and lectures on growing audiences, development dollars and impact online.